We are inspired by Director Robert Rodriguez

My good friend David Kane and I will be presenting a workshop at the Agile 2007 Conference. This is a reprise of our 2006 workshop, which received rave reviews from the audience and the session chair. The workshop was both educational and entertaining (don’t tell your boss). We will plan to have a mix of new and repeated film clips.

Checkout the wiki notes from last year.

Bob Payne, our mutual friend, interviewed us and posted the podcast here.

Making movies and software at the speed of thought!

Director Robert Rodriguez (Spy KidsTM, El MariachiTM, Sin CityTMis an Agile Director. He enjoys making highly creative movies quickly and cheaply. His ambition is to make movies at the speed of thought. To achieve this goal, he works in small teams to develop the ideas, visualize them quickly, shoot the movie fast, and build the movie in layers. This workshop will introduce Rodriguez’s approach to filmmaking by screening several of his 10 minute flick schoolTM featurettes and we will explore if and how these techniques translate to software development in a lively group discussion.

Highly recommended for DVD-extras junkies.