Intridea wins 3rd place at Google Video Contest at Agile 2007

This year the Agile 2007 Conference was held in Washington DC, our home town. We presented two workshops on Rails and Agile. Since we talked about movie making , we thought we shoot a quick marketing video for Intridea. We created “Agile vs Waterfall” video, a spoof on Apple’s famous “Mac vs PC” commercial. We submitted the video to Google’s YouTube video contest. The video won third place. It was shown to an audience of 1200 attendees at the Google Party and the Conference Banquet.

Facts behind the video

  1. The child actors are BoySonic, 9 and ViqVegas, 5. ViqVegas can’t read so he had to memorize all the lines and technical jargon.
  2. The total budget was two M&M chocolate packs.
  3. The script, the shoot, and the edit took about 6 hours in total.
  4. The videos received about 2500 views.

Ok, I am not quite ready to quit my day job to go into the movie business.

The script:

Hi I am agile…

[waterfall: wearing a yellow rain jacket…]
[agile: wearing brown intridea tee shirt and blue jeans]

agile: hi i am agile
waterfall: i am waterfall

agile: what are you doing there waterfall?
waterfall: we just got a new project, I am going through the contract [flips through a stack of papers], you can never be too careful…

agile: really, i just started new project with my customer, we made some sketches on the white board… and we came up with a quick prototype

pulls out a hand drill, brrr, brrr
agile: What’s that…
waterfall: Oh, its our requirements tool, its pretty neat, you can drill down 12 levels deep. It automatically generates three binders so we can be CMM Level One Certified.

agile: that sounds like fun…
agile: what’s are you doing now?

waterfall: just a little planning. we have three development teams. We should have the initial design in four months, three days, and 14 minutes. It used to take us six months…

agile: that’s pretty good planning, we build software in short cycles, so we can learn and adapt…
Waterfall: ok i have to go now, i need a meeting to plan our meetings…