Team Intridea active at Railsconf 2008

Intridea is going to be actively involved throughout Railsconf 2008. We’re sending our entire team, so you’re sure to see us around if you’re attending.

Official Sponsors – Come Visit Us!

Intridea is an official Silver Sponsor of Railsconf this year. Come check our booth during lunch and the designated expo times (10:00-10:45am, 12:30-2:00pm, 3:30-4:30pm on Friday and Saturday). We’ll be giving away t-shirts, will have product demos, and will be announcing the release of two products. Also, be sure to sign up on the Acts As Community.

Intridea Presents Yoga on Rails

Intridea will kick off each morning of RailsConf 2008 by sponsoring a yoga session aimed at refreshing developers’ bodies and minds before a day of sessions. Kate Sanderson of Portland’s Yoga Bhoga will be leading the session. Yoga on Rails will be an easy beginner’s yoga session “ so don’t be shy about coming out even if this will be your first yoga experience. We hope to see you there!

Community Code Drive

Intridea will be actively involved in the Community Code Drive on the first day of RailsConf 2008. The Community Code Drive is a chance for Rails developers to give back to the Rails community by teaching others and contributing code to open source projects. The entire Intridea team will be on hand to help support this effort.

Chris and Josh Speaking on Sunday at 1:50pm

Want to build a Rails application quickly? Competitors in the Rails Rumble had 48 hours to design, develop, and deploy a complete application. Chris Selmer and Josh Owens will take attendees through the development processes of the winning four-man Tasty Planner team, and compare it with those of the one-man Your Pet Records team. The discussion will include techniques, short-cuts, helpers, and Rails plug-ins that helped speed development. Join Chris and Josh in the Portland Ballroom 256 at 1:50pm on Sunday.