Announcing the CrowdSound July 2008 Release

Intridea is proud to announce the July 2008 release of CrowdSound, the social feedback tool that opens up new lines of communication between you and your customers. The social feedback tool allows enterprise websites and social networking sites to gather, organize and respond to suggestions from their customers”for just $10 per month. Because CrowdSound requires only minimal Web developer knowledge to implement, businesses of all sizes can quickly realize the power of interactive, Web-based customer feedback.

The latest release of CrowdSound has many new much-requested features:

* Customize the widget’s colors and look and feel
* A hosted website in addition to the widget
* Custom suggestion buckets
* Private suggestions for sensitive topics
* SSL encryption
* iPhone integration
* User-selectable, customizable categories for each suggestion
* Profanity filtering to focus on constructive criticism
* …and many more!

Using CrowdSound, companies can open a direct line of communications with customers via the Web”transparently gathering their suggestions without forcing them to navigate away from their page. The standards-based, highly customizable tool seamlessly integrates with an enterprise website or social networking site while providing a tailored look-and-feel that reinforces the company brand.