Intridea at RailsConf Europe and Lone Star Ruby

Intridea will be speaking at two Ruby/Rails conferences this week. If you’re attending either conference, make sure you come by and say hi!

RailsConf Europe

Pradeep Elankumaran and Michael Bleigh will be presenting their RailsConf Europe tutorial: The Renegade’s Guide to Hacking Rails Internals, on September 2nd.

This far-reaching tutorial will give Intermediate and Advanced Rails developers a crash course in hacking and extending Rails internals. The topics covered will include: Ruby Meta-programming Techniques; Rails Abstractions, Idioms & Mixins; Rails Structure & Initialization; A Tour of the Rails Class Loader; Plugin Locators and Loaders; Codebase Modularization using Rails Plugins; Extending ActionView Form Builders; Site-wide Settings; and much more¦

Michael Bleigh and Chris Selmer will be presenting a RailsConf Europe talk: Hacking the Mid-End: Unobtrusive Scripting and Advanced UI Techniques in Rails, on September 3rd. Here’s the talk overview:

As web application development advances beyond the static page, a whole new field of development is emerging. In the Javascript behavior layer and markup abstracting helpers lie the ‘Mid-End’: advanced user interface problems that don’t fit traditional ˜back-end’ and ˜front-end’ models. Explore this new field with case studies and real code such as usage of Lowpro Javascript behaviors to keep the behavior separate from the markup. Learn how to give back-end developers the tools to create simple, repeatable, quality markup through block-accepting helpers. Discuss the methods that allow for rapid development of complex interactions in new and exciting ways and see real examples. Finally, look into the future of the Mid-End and what lies ahead for user interface development.

The Lone Star Ruby Conference

Adam Bair, Pradeep Elankumaran, and Chris Selmer will be leading a training on the first day of the LSRC. The training is titled: Rails Refactoring: Triage, Prevention, and Performance. And the overview:

Maybe you inherited a mess of a Rails project “ or perhaps your own codebase is poorly-tested, not very DRY, or just generally confusing. Worse yet, maybe your Rails site has slowed down to a crawl or even stopped working entirely. Whatever the reason, it’s time to consider refactoring these rough spots and boosting your site’s performance.

In the first half of the day we’ll go through real-life examples of (shameful) code we’ve written and refactored, give tips on how and when to start, and show you how to avoid the need for a future refactor. In the second half, we’ll introduce common Rails performance pitfalls, how to diagnose them, and how to solve them. We’ll also talk about other ways to speed up your app.