ruby_bosh- an XMPP BOSH session initializer

Hot on the heels of my post on why XMPP will be huge, here’s a ruby library to pre-initialize BOSH sessions in your Ruby web applications. This feature allows you to by-pass exposing your user’s XMPP credentials in your HTML views.

The process follows as such:

    1. Start your XMPP server and create an account for your web application user.
    2. In your Ruby application, use ruby_bosh to initialize a new BOSH session using the user’s xmpp username and password.
    3. Pass the identifiers returned from ruby_bosh to your template engine as variables.
    4. Bind the template variables to Javascript variables.
    5. Use a Javascript-based BOSH connector (like Strophe) to attach to the pre-existing session using the identifiers.

There are many XMPP servers and BOSH connection managers out there, but as of now this library has only been tested with eJabberd 1.2+. Please feel free to fork and submit a pull request if you’d like to contribute.

The plugins and documentation can be found at:

Jack Moffit’s written a Django/Python example here.