Earth Aid on Earth Day

On this Earth Day, we are happy to highlight our most Earth-friendly client, Earth Aid. We’ve been working with Earth Aid to build an innovative new service designed to help consumers reduce energy consumption and then reward them for their savings. This is the first service to bring carbon offset trading down to the individual level — previously carbon offsets had only been tracked and traded at the big business level.

Hear it first-hand from Earth Aid CEO, Ben Bixby:

“Households have a big role to play in the fight against global warming, but they’ve been left out of the $100 billion carbon market system that allows big business to earn rewards when they save. Earth Aid’s service is the first tool that can measure and verify your energy savings, ‘bundle’ them with savings from other households, and then sell them on carbon markets, in the same way as big business.”

From the day we started, we knew there would be significant technology hurdles to overcome, along with a tightly compressed development schedule. Earth Aid chose Intridea as their technology and design partner because of our reputation as an innovative company that excels under pressure.

Our team loves a challenge, and were able to get through even the thorniest problems that came up throughout development. Using our proven agile methodologies, we worked closely with Earth Aid to deliver feature-rich iterations that brought them closer to their launch point every week. Working in tandem, our design and development teams built a great looking user interface that was full of function and easy to understand.

Ben and the crew at Earth Aid are a pleasure to work with. Their enthusiasm for making the world a greener place is contagious, and our team voluntarily put in extra hours to help ensure a successful beta launch. We’re looking forward to expanding the Earth Aid feature set and providing additional ways for individuals to reduce their footprint and earn money at the same time.

Please check out and sign up today – not only will you do the planet some good, but you’ll get paid for it, too!