Intridea’s Hackon in Portland, Maine

I’m pleased to announce Intridea’s Hackon, a 3-day co-working and unconference event we’ve organized at the Portland Harbor Hotel in Portland, Maine June 18-20th.

Thursday and Friday (17/18th) will be for informal hacking, coworking, and discussion and as we attempt to backfill interesting talks for Saturday (20th).

The Hackon is intended to bring local software craftsman together to work on projects, exchange ideas, hack on open source, or just get some work done. There will be wifi, projection, food, and valet parking at the hotel.

And because we love developers and the community so much, we are hosting this event for FREE! Yes. Free. If you want to attend we only ask that you RSVP ahead of time so we can ensure that enough food, space, and power available.

Thank you to MERUG, NHRUG, and #Progmatica for their support and their assistance in spreading the word!

Please head over to for details, rsvp, and talk submission.