Intridea Helps Bring Traffic Alerts to Twitter

When you search the App Store for Traffic applications, you may see a few that simply aggregate traffic information from the same source. TrafficTweet, an iPhone application that we at Intridea helped to develop for Mobomo, aggregates traffic information from Yahoo and also pulls in traffic information posted to Twitter from other users of the application.

Since most people will be using this application while they are driving, TrafficTweet was designed to be easy to use and doesn’t require much user interaction. When you load up the application you can see traffic information on a map relative to your current location (through GPS) with icons to represent severity and the type of incident. Information not provided from Twitter is sourced through Yahoo’s traffic service.

If you want to report a traffic incident you can just select the severity and click on Tweet Incident. By using the GPS on the iPhone, we allowed TrafficTweet to pinpoint exactly where you are and attach an associated hashtag so that others can search for traffic in their specific area. If you do not have your Twitter credentials stored in the application, your traffic tweet will be posted to @traffictweetme.

TrafficTweet is only available for iPhones running software version 3.0 or higher, since it uses newly introduced native mapping features. TrafficTweet is available in the App Store for only $0.99.