Intridea Kicks off Mobile Development Services With Two Free iPhone Apps for Foodies

Sometimes you just want an application that gets something done quick and gets it done right — especially if your stomach’s calling. That’s why we’ve decided to create iPho and iCurry for the iPhone.

iPho will help you find the best phở around you using your current location or any address you use using the built-in search. iCurry does the same but allows you to search through the best Indian food around.

Both of these applications will show you a list of restaurants sorted by their average rating or their distance relative to you or the address you search from. You can also drill down into each restaurant so that you can get their address, get directions, give them a call, and even see if they are open. There’s even a map view which overlays all of the restaurants around you. Ratings and listings are provided using the Yelp API. Both iCurry and iPho are free applications and are available now on the App Store.

Along with the announcement of these two great applications, we at Intridea are kicking off our mobile development services for our clients. We are offering services for application development on all major mobile platforms, which include iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Palm webOS. We’ve built a great team of talented mobile developers that can help bring your product or service to the mobile market. Expect to see more mobile related announcements soon.

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