Use Augmented Reality to Find Your Vehicle With Car Finder for iPhone

If you’ve ever parked your vehicle in a large parking lot you’ve realized that it would be great to have something help you memorize where your car was. Intridea’s latest iPhone application, Car Finder, helps you do just that. Unlike the cookie-cutter car finding applications in the App Store, Car Finder helps you find your car using augmented reality.

Using the camera, A-GPS and the compass built into the iPhone 3GS, Car Finder allows you to find your car by positioning an overlay on top of a live view of what’s in front of you. Also, when you mark your car Car Finder allows you to set a note for your parking spot. This is particularly useful if you know what section you’re parked in or if the GPS is spotty in the location that your car is currently parked in.

Car Finder is available now on the App Store for $0.99. Intridea offers services for application development on all major mobile platforms, which include iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Palm webOS. If you need help with your mobile application feel free to contact us for a quote.