arrow_backward Back to blog Launched – Location-Based Dish Review Web & Mobile Application

Today we are excited to officially launch, a location-based web and mobile application that enables people to find or review individual dishes at restaurants wherever they may be. exists to help you find top notch meals wherever you are and aims to connect you with local specialties, hidden gems and exquisite dishes in general.

Unlike traditional food review sites, focuses on individual dishes instead of restaurants as a whole. Now people can see what dishes are the most popular at a given restaurant and ratings for restaurants will solely be based on dishes that have been tried – which is far more accurate. Also, since people can see the ratings for each dish, never will anybody need to guess what would be the best dish to order off of the menu. is also a very powerful tool for business owners, since they can find out why certain dishes are more popular than others at each individual location.’s mobile integration plays a very important role. From the iPhone application, you can ‘grub a dish‘ (rate, add photo, and attach a review) at nearby restaurants. When you grub a dish, you also have the option of sharing what you’ve just eaten and the rating to all of your friends on Twitter or Facebook automagically. You can also view dishes that have been reviewed that are close to you, your network activity, nearby restaurants, your reviews, and much more.

The mobile version of is currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch in the App Store. We are currently working on bringing to Android and Palm webOS in the near future. The current version of the mobile application was developed using Appcelerator’s ( Titanium Mobile platform.

All of us at Intridea hope that you and your friends enjoy and find it to be very valuable and fun. We’ll be adding many new features within the next few weeks. So, the next time you go out to eat, make sure to grub it!



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