Google’s Sergey Brin: Web and Native Mobile Apps Will Converge

logo-Google-io2010logo-300wGoogle is one of those few companies who can play the field when it comes to positioning themselves with apps for both Web and mobile platforms, but still believes that the two will converge and that essentially the Web will win. Hence, the company is putting efforts into not only their Android Marketplace but their new Chrome Web Store.

While some people feel that Google is competing with itself by promoting both the Chrome and Android app stores, the company said at Google I/O this week that it believes it’s keeping an open mind about the future. Google Co-founder Sergey Brin admits that right now the market wants native mobile apps, though with the progress of the HTML5 standard in terms of display graphics, and with Web apps capable of going offline, he feels that Web and native mobile apps will converge in the not too distant future.

Ultimately, at least for Google, Android will morph into Chrome OS. But before this can happen, it’ll take more powerful smartphones with larger resolution screens and the fleshing out the HTML5 standard.

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