Presently Desktop App Now Available

It’s here! The long awaited desktop app for Presently is now available for download and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

With the desktop app you can:

  • See real-time status updates from your co-workers, teammates, and groups.
  • Post messages, reply to others privately or in the public feed, and ‘like’ posts directly from your desktop.
  • Along with the normal feed, you can view Replies, Direct Messages, Group Messages, and view a list of the company directory right from the desktop app.
  • Detailed user directory shows list of users. You can also follow/unfollow directly from the desktop app.
  • Desktop app runs in the background and when a new message arrives, you are notified seamlessly. If you have Growl installed on your system, you’ll be happy to know that the new Desktop app is Growl-notification ready.

The long-awaited release of our desktop app was entirely written using Appcelerator’s Titanium Platform. It replaces the original Adobe AIR app. This desktop version of Presently is an extremely lightweight application and can do all the things you can do with the Web, iPhone and Android mobile app versions of

If you’re already a Presently user, just add your account information in the “Settings” tab of the application:

  • Account/URL (e.x: myaccount)
  • Username
  • Password

If you’re not using Presently yet, you can sign up for a free account on our website and try it out. If you are interested in using a secure, behind-the-firewall instance of Presently for your company, you can read about the free trial.