Mashable Now Available for Android

Mashable is one of the world’s largest blogs focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Media news, with more than 15 million monthly pageviews. We were very excited to develop an application just for them, specific to the Android platform. Not too long ago, we announced that we developed their iPad application. Now, we’re excited to announce that Mashable! for Android (mobile specific link) is available in the Android Marketplace.

The Android platform is such a great platform to develop for. There are unique challenges that make development more exciting, such as different hardware and software versions to support. What is most exciting is the end result: a clean and intuitive application that offers the best way for any Android user to read the latest news from Mashable.

Reading the latest news from Mashable is just one thing you can do with the application. With Mashable! for Android, you can also share what you’re reading in several different ways. You can e-mail the article to a friend, share it on Twitter or Facebook, and you can also save it to Read Later on Instapaper. You can read comments for each article and even join the discussion by posting your own comments.

Mashable! for Android is now available for free in the Android Marketplace. Also, you can expect some exciting new features for Mashable! for Android soon. There are some great new features that are in the works. Intridea offers services for application development on all major mobile platforms, which include iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Palm webOS. If you need help with your mobile application feel free to contact us for a quote.