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How To Work With Big Data

By Mobomo on September 29, 2016

Woman thinking about transcending big data

Letโ€™s start with the basics. ย Big data refers to complex sets of data that are too large for analysis by traditional analytical applications. For a business it can be difficult to accurately...


How To Work With Your Design Team

By Mobomo on September 14, 2016


Relationships are hard, whether it be with friends, your family, or a working relationship with a client. An incredible amount of work goes into making them successful, let alone last for an...


What Makes A Great App?

By Mobomo on September 06, 2016


What is it that makes a good app great? Itโ€™s not really one thing that we can point to that makes an app amazing, think about it in terms of ย the 86โ€™ Mets- there’s a lot of things that need...


Ionic 2 Linting Without Reliance On Rails

By Mobomo on August 30, 2016

Ionic 2 Linting Without Reliance On Rails

When considering the architecture for mobile app development, one of the primary concerns of any team should be code quality. One of the ways developers ensure their code is error free is through...