SharePoint 2010 Integration with Presently

For the last three years, Presently users have been taking advantage of our integration with SharePoint. Today we’re excited to offer SharePoint 2010 integration. If you’re using older versions of SharePoint, don’t worry; we will be keeping our old webpart in place so that you can continue to use Presently with older versions.


Here is an overview of some of the features of the new Presently SharePoint 2010 integration:

  • Put a Presently feed on virtually any SharePoint page, thanks to easy installation with SharePoint web parts package.
  • View and switch seamlessly between Presently feeds.
  • Post messages, links and files.
  • Access Profile information for other members.
  • Access Group info for all groups.
  • Leave and Join Groups.
  • Follow/Unfollow other users.
  • Admins control where Presently feeds appear using SharePoint’s built-in webpart controls and templates.
  • Document list integration for posting files from your SharePoint document lists.


Maggie, our QA Manager put together a terrific screencast that will walk you through the installation for the Presently SharePoint 2010 Webpart.

How To Install the Presently Sharepoint 2010 Webpart from Intridea on Vimeo.

Why Presently?

Presently is an award-winning enterprise collaboration tool; our team of developers, designers and user interface design experts work hard to make sure that Presently users are having a real-time, dynamic, and immersive social experience. Microsoft’s SharePoint is a fundamental tool for millions of enterprise users; that’s why we made sure that Presently integrated with SharePoint almost three years ago, and it’s why we are introducing integration with SharePoint 2010 today.

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