Intridea at MADExpo

Today and tomorrow, Intridea will have a presence at MADExpo (Mid Atlantic Developer Expo). Not only are we sponsoring the event but Pete Jackson, our Managing Director, will be giving a presentation on the geospatial web, entitled “Location Matters. The world of Geospatial web and mobile applications.”


Location-based applications are everywhere, yet most modern web developers haven’t ventured far beyond superimposing a few locations on a Google Map. In this talk, developers will learn about the many spatial programming possibilities within the web and mobile development landscape, including non-location-based applications, geographic applications using custom imagery, answering difficult questions using spatial queries, Moving Beyond the Dot-On-The-Map, and how to get started with Geospatial Programming today.

You can catch Pete’s presentation in Room 106 on Friday at 1:30pm. And if you’re there, Intridea Senior Partner Chris Selmer and VP of Client Services, Marc Garrett are at the event today and tomorrow so be sure to track them down and say hello. Intrideans enjoy opportunities to talk about anything tech related, so don’t hesitate to hit us up for conversation.

If you aren’t at MADExpo this year keep an eye on our blog next week for Pete’s debriefing of the event and slides from his presentation!