GemNotifier Goes Open Source

In April, I announced GemNotifier, a new Intridea SparkTime project. GemNotifier is a web app I created to send notifications to users when the gems they subscribe to are updated.

Open Source Announcement

Today, I’m excited to announce that we are open sourcing GemNotifier. At Intridea, we have a long history of support for open source development, and we make every effort to open source tools and projects that can be of use to the greater development community.

The code for GemNotifier is hosted at Github. Anyone who might be interested in contributing to the project can fork it from Github and make pull requests. You can also submit any issues you encounter, using Github Issues.


Before open sourcing GemNotifier, I took the feedback I received from users and made some key changes to the UI and overall functionality. The most requested feature was to be able to subscribe with Gemfile, which I added recently. GemNotifier also now has 100% test coverage and uses SASS.

What is GemNotifier?

If you missed the detailed post about GemNotifier in April, you can read it here. But for a quick rundown:

GemNotifier is a notification service that updates users when the gems they have subscribed to are updated. Rubyists can subscribe to their favorite gems (now using their Gemfile!) and they will get timely email notifications when those gems are updated. The service helps to keep you informed of changes and updates to the gems your projects are dependent on.

I’m looking forward to more feedback on the app from the community, so please share your thoughts below!