Introducing Bobby Martines, VP of Business Development at Intridea

We’re very excited to announce that Bobby Martines is joining the Intridea team as our new VP of Business Development and Marketing.

Bobby comes to Intridea with years of professional experience spanning multiple industries including Finance and Hospitality. From running nightclubs across the world to directing sales and managing products for niche hardware and software companies, Bobby knows how to navigate the tumultuous landscape of business development.

He may be a powerhouse in the biz dev and marketing arena, but don’t pigeon-hole Bobby into the typical sordid sales & marketing profile – he’s not your average marketing type. He began his hospitality career out of college as a consultant overhauling crime-plagued nightclubs in Miami and shortly thereafter became the Director of Operations at Nikki Beach, one of the world’s most popular chain of nightclubs and luxury lifestyle companies with operations in Brazil, Thailand, Italy, Moscow, Hollywood, Atlantic City and Miami.

His experience in hospitality brought him to Par Tech, a hardware solutions company for the Hospitality industry, where he got to see first-hand how far the industry was lagging behind in technology:

As someone who absolutely loves technology and the profound impact it has on the world, it was interesting to be involved in an industry that is still very much anti-technology. Hospitality software is nearly a decade behind the rest of tech.

Seeing an opportunity to act as an agent of change, Bobby joined Agilysys, a leading developer of proprietary software solutions for the retail and hospitality industry, and got to work revolutionizing Point of Sale software. That was when Bobby was introduced to Intridea and helped forge a partnership between the two companies.

I looked to Intridea because I was confident they would be patient and delicate with a company that was accustomed to “older tech” and slower change. I hit it off really well with them and had a great time working with them on the project. Then I realized that these people (Intrideans) talk like I do and share the same ideas about technology. I discovered that I wanted to be a part of that.

We wanted Bobby to be a part of Intridea too, since he is as an agile technologist who understands the inner workings of the enterprise world yet is still a down-to-earth, honest-to-goodness human. His Intridea DNA is unmistakable. When I asked Bobby about his plans at Intridea he replied, "I’m not your average sales and marketing guy; I want to build relationships with companies that revolve around technology and quality work – not steak dinners and kickbacks. I want to go to the boardrooms of ancient companies that use antiquated tech and help them feel comfortable embracing new tech. I’m here to help Intridea discover new verticals and bring new tech to the companies that need it most."

I was already convinced that Bobby would fit right in, but when he told me he spends his free time snowboarding down mountains and that he once grew an 1800’s beard and organized a trip to Deadwood, South Dakota for his “Deadwood” themed Bachelor party, I was beyond certain. He’s a guy that understands (and lives easily) in the two (very different) worlds of old enterprise and progressive tech. We couldn't be more excited to have Bobby Martines on our team to help scope and drive our business forward.