Introducing Yourtime.Intridea

The average commuter spends eight days every year just traveling to and from work. Not us: every Intridean works from home. This means we saved an aggregate of 9,380 hours last year for the things we love instead of sitting in a car or a bus.

We wondered how our peers spend their time, so we asked. We didn’t know what to expect: skateboarding, civil war re-enactment, extreme knitting?

As it turns out, 40% of Intrideans mentioned spending more time with family: Ben got to see his son take his first steps. Linus started playing the piano again—after a fifteen year hiatus. Kathleen, Chris, Batman, Javie, Mike, Serign, and Tom all run. We’ve shared our stories in a mini-site built using maps from Tilemill.

In the coming weeks, we’ll dig deeper into the numbers. Yourtime is the first part of a platform we’re building to measure our lives, our health, and our carbon footprint. We’ll share our experiences as we grow, and soon you’ll be able to add your own company’s team to the board.

Come see how we spend our time. And if you’d like to recapture eight to ten days of your life every single year, come tell us how you’d like to spend your time.