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Introducing Yourtime.Intridea

The average commuter spends eight days every year just traveling to and from work. Not us: every Intridean works from home. This means we saved an aggregate of 9,380 hours last year for the things we love instead of sitting in a car or a bus.

We wondered how our peers spend their time, so we asked. We didnโ€™t know what to expect: skateboarding, civil war re-enactment, extreme knitting?

As it turns out, 40% of Intrideans mentioned spending more time with family: Ben got to see his son take his first steps. Linus started playing the piano againโ€”after a fifteen year hiatus. Kathleen, Chris, Batman, Javie, Mike, Serign, and Tom all run. Weโ€™ve shared our stories in a mini-site built using maps from Tilemill.

In the coming weeks, weโ€™ll dig deeper into the numbers. Yourtime is the first part of a platform weโ€™re building to measure our lives, our health, and our carbon footprint. Weโ€™ll share our experiences as we grow, and soon youโ€™ll be able to add your own companyโ€™s team to the board.


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