Ok Glass, Let’s go to Georgetown


Georgetown University psych students got the chance to experience Google Glass firsthand, thanks to an interactive presentation by Intridea’s CEO, Marc Garrett this Monday.

As a Google Glass Explorer, Garrett was the perfect specimen for McClure’s “Human Connection in a Digital World” course; a class centered around the complex ways human connections are transforming in a digitally-centric world.


The format for this session was largely Q&A and playing with Garrett’s Glass was the highlight of the session! With the opportunity to see the world through Google Glass, McClure’s students took to this new technology with a healthy dose of giddiness and hesitation.


However, despite its slight mind-blowingness, Garrett’s emphasis for this class was that while new, Google Glass will eventually be just like shopping for a pair of Warby Parkers; only with all those nifty extras built in.

It was an entertaining ninety minutes and these students came loaded with questions and ideas! From Glass’s impact on fashion and personal privacy, to the nerdiness of talking to your eyeball, McClure’s students left nothing on the table.


Intridea was thrilled to be a part of such an animated discussion! The excitement and intrigue was infectious and we enjoyed every minute of it.