Mobomo is a premier web and mobile application development company. We have extensive experience in creating functional, large-scale, engaging mobile and responsive web designs. Our process helps to uncover the characteristics of your users by learning about their needs, wants, and limitations.

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  • In-person ideation workshops with stakeholders.

  • Define project value proposition.

  • Define and prioritize business, stakeholder, project goals.

  • Identify industry competitors/target key personas.

  • Identify development and deployment requirements + constraints.

  • Perform market research - comparative applications/products.

  • Identify key opportunities for feature set.


  • Mood-board conceptualization exercise with project stakeholders.

  • Creating a project style guide.

  • Developing user experience wireframes for key page types.

  • Producing high-fidelity design mockups based on approved wireframes and style guide.

  • Building Clickable rapid prototyping.

  • Performing A/B testing for user experience feedback and refinement.


  • UI engineering.

  • Drupal, WordPress, Ruby on Rails.

  • Mobile JS Cordova.

  • Mobile native.

  • API Development.

  • Spree ecommerce.

  • Responsive and browser device compatibility.

  • Development abides by 508 compliance.


Dream on

Every great product begins with a great strategy and clear goals. Mobomo starts each project with strategy development, we don’t just take your requirements and build you a solution. We work with your team to develop a strategy in order to identify key metrics of success and ensure your mobile app and/or website will hit those performance goals and deliver a solid ROI.

Once we establish a strategy and set goals it’s important to find out about your business in depth. We’ll analyze the market, perform user interviews, review analytics, and distill the data into user stories and help you decide what steps to take next.

Action items

  • • Collect project requirements
  • • Study product vertical
  • • Analyze competitors
  • • Interview users
  • • Audit existing analytics
  • • Write use cases
  • • Engineering recommendations
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More than just looks

If you don’t have a thoughtful user experience, apps, websites, and big data are useless. That’s why we take a user-centric design approach to every product we develop.

User experience:Your product will combine form and function so users can find the information they need quickly. We leverage usability testing tools and techniques to understand how users will interact with your product to maximize user engagement and satisfaction.

Visual design: Because research has shown that we absorb the information in images 50 times faster than text, you can count on your product to be highly visual. Our design experts move quickly from wireframe to designs to interactive prototypes to ensure brilliant product design.

Mobile first design:By designing for the device with the least real estate first, your product will focus on key functionality for users. We are experts at mobile-first development, resulting in user experiences that work on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Action items

  • • Mood board work session
  • • Create style tiles
  • • Create IA
  • • Prototype application features
  • • Create visual style guide
  • • Data visualization design
  • • Usability testing
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Develop & engineer greatness

Need a mobile app or engaging website? What about access to big data in a usable format? Mobomo has you covered.

Mobile app development:Your cross-platform mobile app will allow employees to work more efficiently and enable customers to interact with you, no matter where they are or which device are they using.

Web development:Your website will not only be aligned with your business needs, but users will be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. Responsive design: Because we are in the age of the mobile device, it almost guaranteed that your website will be accessed from desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Your responsive site will provide the best user experience across devices – and it will be 508 compliant. Visit USA.gov or NASA.gov to see some of our work.

API development:Need to unlock and share data? We will build you an API that lets your employees easily access the data they need to do their jobs.

Big data visualization:We can transform all of your data into usable information via a big data visualization dashboard. Need a dynamic, configurable tool that provides live visualizations? You got it.

We are experts in content management systems. We have helped clients launch open source CMS systems such as Drupal and WordPress in large enterprise cloud environments. Mobomo is proud to be a Drupal partner and active contributor of various modules in the community.

Action items

  • • UI engineering
  • • Drupal, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails
  • • Mobile JS Cordova
  • • Mobile native
  • • API Development
  • • Spree ecommerce
  • • Cloud hosting
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Never stop learning

We’re always working to improve your product. By conducting user interviews, consolidating feedback, and making performance improvements we are able to rapidly and efficiently make adjustments to your product, ensuring you achieve your goals.

Action items

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Data migration:Our team’s deep experience with big data means we can move your files quickly, securely, and seamlessly – without disrupting your team’s work.

Data management:We will clean up your data and keep it easily accessible anytime you need it. Our work developing the official U.S. Navy apps required the development of an AWS solution to aggregate information from various disparate news sources such as Navy websites, blogs, and social media from each carrier, base and fleet. These data feeds were cleansed and homogenized to create a robust web service API for the native apps and other third-party applications to use.

High performance infrastructure:One of the beautiful things about cloud hosting is having the magical ability to generate servers based on peak demand. When usage goes down, servers are removed to lower total cost of ownership. Our skilled DevOps engineers will automate and manage this for you, so you don’t even have to think about it. For NASA.gov, our team has architected a 100% Drupal 7 AWS cloud solution with security, performance, and availability in mind. It is deployed in multiple AWS availability zones for redundancy, handles over 250 content editors nationwide performing over 1,000 content updates a day, receives on average close to one million pageviews a day, and manages peaks loads of over 5,000,000 page views a day representing over 200,000 simultaneous visitors.

Shared infrastructure:Finally, Mobomo’s cloud experts design solutions to maximize investment over a large number of customers. At NASA, we have developed platforms for both Drupal-as-a-Service and WordPress-as-a-Service to enable multiple tenants to share cloud infrastructure while still ensuring high security, performance and availability.

Mobomo is an Amazon and Acquia partner. We have experience working with a variety of clients to help manage their solution needs in the commercial cloud environment. Clients we have helped migrate to the cloud include: NASA, FDIC, USGS, Department of State, U.S. Navy, and the Department of Commerce.

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Do you know where your data is? You will, once it’s hosted in a secure cloud environment and managed by experts.



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