Mobomo, LLC (the “Company” or “we”) is the owner of the software application known as FitMask (the “Application”).  This FitMask Privacy Policy describes the information that the Application uses and how it is used.  Your use of the Application is also governed by the Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Software License Agreement, governing the use of the Software associated with the Application. By using the Application you agree to this FitMask Privacy Policy.

The Application is designed to scan a user’s face to determine the type of breathing mask that is best for the user.   In conjunction with a mobile device, the Application calculates information about the user’s head and face in order to generate detailed 3D information about the user’s head and face (“Scan Data”).  Scan Data is processed within the Application while on your device.  Scan Data is not sent to or possessed by the Company or any third party on behalf of Company.  Scan Data is not stored anywhere.  Company does not collect or require any contact information from the user.  We do not require the user to provide information about their e-mail, phone number or name of the user in conjunction with the download and use of the Application.  Since we do not possess any Personal Information, we do not rent, sell or share Personal Information. “Personal Information” means any information that is about an identifiable individual. This includes information that directly identifies an individual or information that could reasonably be connected to an individual. This includes a first and last name, home or other physical address, email address, phone number or other contact information, whether at work or at home.


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