Tracking Views in Rails

ActsAsViewable is plugin that allows you to track page and asset views in your Rails application. For example, you can use it to track how many times a page is visited or how many times a particular image is viewed.

Trac: Subversion repository:


  script/plugin install


  cd vendor/plugins  svn co

Create the tables where views will be tracked:

  class CreateViewings  0        t.column :created_at,     :datetime, :null => false        t.column :updated_at,     :datetime      end    end      def self.down      drop_table :viewings    end  end

Set the objects you want to track views for:

class SomeAsset

Now you can increment views for these objects wherever you need to. For example in the show action of our SomeAssetController:

class SomeAssetController

To get the number of views: