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Pulse is a healthcare platform that focuses on joint replacement recovery. This platform helps to connect patients and their doctors. The patient uses the app while the provider uses a dashboard. Providers guide their patients activity through the app so that patients can keeps their doctors up-to-date on their recovery at the touch of a fingertip.


What are
their services?

The Pulse platform works with patients, providers and hospitals to optimize the management of post-operative care for hip and knee replacement patients. A vast number of built-in tools and customizability allow the recovery to be patient-focused but provider-driven, with a seamless and simple interface.

  • Customizability
  • Risk Management
  • Trackability
  • Direct Communication
  • Content Library

Pulse was looking to develop a dashboard that would connect providers to patients. They had a few pain points that they were looking to solve some of those were:

  • Reduced post-acute care cost (>40%)
  • Reduced complications
  • Reduced readmissions
  • Increased provider touchpoints with patients
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What We Made

We created an app from the ground up. Since this application is a healthcare platform it was vital that we provided a secure backend so that it would be HIPAA compliant. During phase 1 we assisted in the Pulse re-brand, conducted user stories, built out wireframes, made clickable prototypes and more. Once the design phase was complete, we moved into the mobile first development phase and we designed and developed a provider dashboard for an iOS and Android application.


Phase 2 contained additional enhancements to the provider dashboard and patient mobile apps.
This phase is still ongoing.


1. Provider is granted access to their own personalized Dashboard
2. Provider will create new Patients via the Dashboard; upon creation, the Patient will receive an email to download the app and sign up
3. Provider will then customize the Careplan for the Patient - tailoring each day’s Story, Check In questions, and To Do items directly for that Patient
4. As a patient, when I login to the app I will see a homepage which contains all of my “Stories,” “Check Ins,” and “To Do items” for that specific day (each day has a unique set of content tailored to the patient
5. As a patient completes their items for the day, the data is transferred and displayed on the Provider’s dashboard. The Provider will be notified if any of the day’s tasks or questions generated a red flag
6. The patient and provider can also communicate via direct messaging between the Dashboard and App

The result

Pulse has launched in the App Store and is currently being used and available in both iOS and Android platforms. Post-launch we are focused on UI enhancements, bug fixes and new feature sets that provide the greatest value to both Patients and Providers.

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pulse app


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