Drupal 7 & 9 are nearing end-of-life. Are you ready?


Our Migration Blueprint is a proven plan that works. For 4 weeks Mobomo’s team of award-winning Drupal Experts will work with you to provide a full Migration Blueprint. This engagement costs $20,000, which will be credited toward your account when you choose to continue working with us.


  • Module Report
    Contains a migration path to Drupal 10 for all your Drupal 7 & 9 modules. Our team will define if it needs an upgraded version of the existing module or a similar one. We will also provide a strategy around any deprecated function usage for custom modules.
  • Content Model Report
    Contains an overview of your site’s content types, users, roles, permissions and taxonomic vocabularies with each field reviewed by an expert. Our industry leading recommendations will improve the model when migrating.
  • Integration Report
    Contains a catalog of all third-party integrations used and designate which have an existing contributed module from the community. Our team will highlight and plan around those that will require custom work to integrate with the new Drupal 9 system.
  • Theme Development Report
    Identifies key elements of the theme that are required to be rebuilt in Drupal 9. This includes global components such as the header and footer along with the number of templates that will need to be built. Additionally, this will contain our design experts’ recommendations regarding the responsiveness of the current theme and what improvements need to be made.
  • Migration Estimate
    Most importantly, the Migrations Report will provide an accurate level of effort and timeline to complete your migration to Drupal 9 successfully. We guarantee it.

Why is a blueprint needed?

With the release of Drupal 10, Drupal 7 & 9 will reach end-of-life in 2023. This means that Drupal 7 & 9 will no longer be supported by the community or by the Drupal Security Team.

Migrating from Drupal 7 & 9 to Drupal 10 is a large and stressful undertaking that should be approached with careful consideration and planning. Our team of Drupal Experts provide a Migration Blueprint that audits your existing Drupal 7 & 9 site to find out which parts of your system will become roadblocks to the migration and define a plan around them so they don’t become issues.

Mobomo makes migrations successful and efficient.


You may be wondering to yourself – How much time will it take? What costs can I anticipate with this type of project? What resources do I need to dedicate to this process?

You’re right to be asking these questions. There’s a lot to think about when working on a large migration like this, but let us make your lives a little simpler.

Mobomo is ready and able to consult and help you audit your site to prepare for the Drupal 10 migration. Our team of experts will provide you with a detailed report of the status of your site and a suggested migration plan. This all-inclusive report will be your one-stop shop to knowing the best steps to make your migration seamless.


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