Emerging Tech.

Once upon a time.

Mobile devices and the apps that run on them were the stuff of science fiction. Seemingly overnight, they became the critical technologies that manage all of our day-to-day lives and provide our connections with the world. That didn't happen by accident. Mobomo was there from the outset, charting a course to lead the mobility revolution and turn yesterday's magic into today's reality.

Keeping it up.

And we haven't rested on our laurels. Mobomo continues to push the envelope of the technology horizon by leveraging our hard-won experience building the world's first mobile apps, toward crafting the next generation of digital solutions. No, there are no crystal balls here. We don't yet know what 2023's killer app will be — but we do know we'll be delivering it in 2022 because keeping you and your customers at the forefront of technology evolution is in our DNA.

How we do it.

Here are just a few ways we’re helping clients take advantage of tomorrow’s advances, today:

Stay Agile.

Yet at the breakneck speed of 21st-century technology, it's never about what we do but how we stay agile and hungry enough to live on the leading edge of digital trends.

Mobomo Labs

Innovation requires more than dreaming. That's why we built Mobomo Labs, a company-wide initiative to focus technical talent on the Next Big Thing. We encourage our engineers to make a 20% time commitment to an emerging technology of choice, becoming a subject-matter expert and Innovation Evangelist charged with guiding clients on their journey into the future.

Hands On

The best way to learn a new tool is to build something with it. At Mobomo we prefer to show rather than tell. Our innovation lab practice is centered around rapid prototyping, creating workable proof-of-concept demonstrations embracing the Agile concept of Minimum Viable Product.

Together we’re strong

Collaboration is essential to creation, which is why we sponsor Hackathons, emerging technology meetups, engineering challenges, and demos with our technology partners including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Whenever possible, we contribute our work back to open-source communities to continue moving the needle.


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