Drupal is an open-source, highly flexible and customizable content management system (CMS) platform. There are over 1 million members in the Drupal community who have contributed over 30,000 modules to-date.

Chances are if there’s a feature, function, theme or an API you want on your company's website, something similar has been done before and there’s a module for that.

What you get
with Mobomo.


    Proprietary software wastes project dollars with updates, support charges, security patches, and licenses. With an open-source solution like Drupal, the code itself is free and can be maintained for a fraction of the price.


    Purchasing or leasing proprietary software doesn’t actually buy you the code, making the ability to customize, extend, or audit it very costly. Because Drupal’s code is open-source, it can be viewed, audited, updated and extended, allowing you to build a product that meets your needs.


    Drupal can handle projects ranging from a large scale resource intensive document database, to intranets, to small-business marketing websites. Drupal's core functionality provides everything you need to have a custom website, allowing you to take it further by adding features and integrations with modules or custom development (based on the robust API options available in the Drupal community).


    Drupal’s software is peer-reviewed and community-driven. Modules are documented and reviewed prior to them being listed on Drupal's official module list. Like other open source software such as Linux and Apache, Drupal has proven to be trusted, stable, and reliable in demanding situations. This makes it an industry standard in both the public and commercial sectors.


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