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To maintain their licensure, established radiology professionals are required (annually) to take one of the most difficult tests in medicine: the American College of Radiology (ACR) exam.

ACR app

Prior to 2014, the study materials—often updated by ACR multiple times in a year—were delivered in book and DVD form.

Among ACR’s users, DVDs were certainly preferred to bulky books, but this posed a significant problem: with the arrival of each (increasingly slimmer) new computer generation, DVD players are no longer guaranteed.

With the sweeping changes in modern content delivery models—which have rendered both books and DVDs antiquated—students were no longer guaranteed easy access to their (physical) materials.

The Solution:

Make it mobile! The world’s traditional content model—once entirely based in the physical realm (books, paper, DVDs, CDs)—has vanished. Today’s content providers are delivering “the content people need wherever they are, whenever they need it”. How?
ACR app

Mobile. Cloud. Streaming delivery platforms.

Knowing this, Mobomo solved ACR/MCR’s problem by:

1. Providing the content on mobile devices

2. Building a mobile presence

After first digitizing the text, we incorporated the latest e-learning technology, we enabled radiologists and students to develop individualized learning plans with uniquely tailored feedback. Users can even access peer results for deeper insights and community-based learning. Pretty cool, right?

But for us, this wasn't enough: by solving their users’ problems, we were certainly meeting our client’s request. But we wanted to do more. So, we built a custom, configurable backend solution, empowering ACR/MCR to seamlessly update their materials at will. Need to edit a section in the text? Click here. Need to add 100 new questions? Click there. What started as simple text digitization evolved into a dynamic app.

But for us, this still wasn't enough: we wanted to give radiology professionals even more than what they needed to succeed. So, we added advanced image manipulation to allow users to zoom in to even the most minute body parts, a feature called “HotSpots” to ID the most challenging abnormalities, and the ability to change the brightness and contrast of every image.

Table of Benefits

ACR/MCR Radiology Professionals
Provide valuable content to radiology students in a modern, seamless way Access study materials whenever, wherever
Cut publishing, operational, and other associated costs Eliminate costs and inconvenience associated with physical study materials
Reduce staff-related overhead Immediate access to newly released materials
Completely eradicate content “shelf life” Enhanced study experience through digital
Eliminate book + DVD inventory waste Community aspect of mobile app
Use app analytics to continually define strategy Real-time results; improved subject mastery

We successfully launched MCR on web browser, and launched ACR RADAR on web, iPad, and Android tablets.

ACR app


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