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Tips For Your Mobile App Design

By Mobomo on February 08, 2017


Mobile apps have become such an ubiquitous item that it seems everyone imaginable has one, literally everyone… even Barilla pasta has an ‘iPasta” mobile app. The question is what sets mobile...


How Automated Testing Is Saving QA Jobs

By Mobomo on January 31, 2017

Person looking at computer

A couple of days ago I was raving to a QA tester about one of our automated browser testing initiatives at Mobomo and how it could greatly benefit the quality assurance field as a whole as well as...


Agile Scrum Methodology

By Mobomo on January 27, 2017

U.S. Capitol

We were thrilled to do a Q & A with App Developer Magazine on Agile Scrum Methodology. Check out the piece below. What is Agile Development Methodology? Mobomo: The Agile Methodology is an...


User Centric Design

By Mobomo on January 26, 2017

Man looking at phone

The first time someone comes across the term “User Centric Design” there might be confusion because isn’t all design user centric??? Arguably yes, but… User centric design is a fairly new...


SEO Guide For Drupal

By Mobomo on January 18, 2017

SEO for Drupal

A few tweaks and modules later, Drupal has easy to build SEO friendly websites. To achieve it, there are two sides involved: Developers and designers will apply technical enhancements (making a...


JIRA Storypoints and Estimations

By Mobomo on January 06, 2017


It’s important to understand some of the advantages of JIRA as well as how storypoints and estimations relate and the best way to estimate how long it can take a team to work through different...


Working With Hybrid Teams

By Mobomo on December 28, 2016


Over the last decade, more and more U.S. based organizations have been working with offshore teams. The pricing for offshore development is very compelling, however, sometimes delivery, and...


Design Trends For 2017

By Mobomo on December 14, 2016

Desktop screen

It’s crazy to think that 2016 is coming to a close, the question is what will 2017 bring? At Mobomo, we strive to think ahead and implement cutting edge trends so that we are always ahead of the...


User Story Mapping

By Mobomo on December 09, 2016

User story mapping

As a designer, there is nothing like the energy that comes from an initial kickoff with a new client. Clients visions can be overwhelming yet exciting as they eagerly spill out their advantageous...


JustSeen : A Social Sharing Platform

By Mobomo on December 06, 2016

JustSeen iOS dashboard

Have you heard about the newest social platform? JustSeen is a social sharing platform that allows users to create photo and video albums of their most memorable moments and invite friends and...


Meetups: Boulder App Development

By Mobomo on November 10, 2016

Boulder name tag meetup

As some of you know, Mobomo officially launched its Boulder presence this summer. One of the first things we wanted to do when we came to Boulder was meet our fellow techies – Boulder designers,...


Coester: Valuation Management Services

By Mobomo on November 08, 2016

Coester app

Did you hear? We recently launched a product for Coester! For starters, Coester is a full service end-to-end appraisal management company, providing excellent service with the best appraisal...


PockitShip App Officially Launched

By Mobomo on November 02, 2016


Recently, we launched an awesome product for PockitShip! Just to give you some background, PockitShip is an on-demand pickup and delivery company that specializes in shipping large items. They...


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