Announcing ‘Browserized Styles’

Browser compatibility, the web designer’s nightmare, has always seemed more difficult than it has to be. Why hasn’t there been an industry-standard, simple way to target CSS to specific browsers, allowing one to style the page properly without worrying about hacks and other difficult ways of pulling all the information together? I thought that something should be done about it, so taking Richard Livsey’s ‘browser_detect’ plugin as a starting point, I developed an automatic solution for including browser-specific stylesheets.

Browserized Styles provides a dead simple way to create browser-specific CSS code for
use in a Rails application. All you need to do is create a .css file targeted to
a browser by appending an underscore and identifier to the end.


 script/plugin install 


Let’s say I have some complex CSS code that looks bad in some browsers, but works in
others. Let’s also say that i’ve put it into a stylesheet in stylesheets/complex.css.

My stylesheet link tag looks something like this:

 <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'complex' %>

Now all I have to do to target a browser is create a new CSS file with the browser’s
identifier appended to it with an underscore (e.g. “complex_ie6.css”). That’s it!
The same exact stylesheet link tag will automatically check the current user
agent and load a browser-specific CSS file if it exists. Ta-da! One-step browser

More information is available in the readme, but the end result is browser-targeting bliss.

The plugin is brand new and will probably see some modifications in the future. If you run into any problems or come up with a patch, feel free to submit it to the Intridea Public Trac .