GitHub-Unfuddle Bridge: A Reese’s Moment

We here at Intridea are avid users of Unfuddle as it’s by far the most feature-filled-while-remaining-simple solution out there for software project management. Unfuddle comes with Subversion hosting, but it’s harder and harder to ignore the strengths of Git as a SCM solution. Not one to sit idly by when there’s hackery to be done, I put together a rough tool for anyone who has a GitHub account that provides a webhook to automatically create Unfuddle changesets.

All you need to do is grab the bridge code from It’s GitHub Home like so:

git clone git://

And follow the setup instructions in the README. The webhook is running off of Sinatra and is very lightweight. Once it’s running you can start seeing changesets just by pointing your post-receive URL to the webhook, and you’ll soon start seeing updates in Unfuddle.

This is still in its beginning stages so there’s bound to be a kink or two, but that’s the beauty of GitHub! Just fork, fix, and pull.