Ruby-GitHub: Simple Access to the GitHub API

While the GitHub folks have produced their own github-gem that provides some useful command-line tools for GitHub users, the library they have written isn’t your traditional API wrapper since it’s focused around using GitHub rather than getting information from GitHub.

I’ve thrown together a small library called ruby-github that provides that kind of functionality. It’s extremely simple and works with all of the currently available API but that only comes down to three read-only calls at this point. Use like so:

user = GitHub::API.user('mbleigh') # => "Michael Bleigh" user.repositories # => array of repositories # => "ruby-github" user.repositories.last.url # => "" user.repositories.last.commits # => array of commits (see below)  commits = GitHub::API.commits('mbleigh','ruby-github') commits.first.message # => "Moved github.rb to ruby-github.rb..." # => "1d8c21062e11bb1ecd51ab840aa13d906993f3f7"  commit = GitHub::API.commit('mbleigh','ruby-github','1d8c21062e11bb1ecd51ab840aa13d906993f3f7') commit.message # => "Moved github.rb to ruby-github.rb..." commit.added.collect{|c| c.filename} # => ["init.rb", "lib/ruby-github.rb"]


The easiest way to install ruby-github is as a gem:

gem install ruby-github

You can also install it as a Rails plugin if that’s your thing:

git clone git://  vendor/plugins/ruby-github

Update 4/12/2008: Version 0.0.2 of the gem has been released and I have revised this post to adhere to the new gem’s requirements.