Intridea in the Community

Intridea believes in supporting the local tech community and will be sponsoring and participating in several upcoming conferences, events, and competitions in October and November.

Ruby DCamp

Intridea is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the first RubyDCamp , an OpenSpace Ruby Conference to be held October 11-12 just outside of Washington DC in Arlington, VA. Ruby DCamp will be a weekend full of Ruby learning, teaching, and hacking and should be a great event for Rubyists of all abilities.

Ignite Baltimore

On October 16th, Intridea will be sponsoring Ignite Baltimore, a high-energy event where 16 of the area’s most interesting people give short 5-minute talks. With topics varying from technology to culture to business to philosophy, it’ll definitely be a night to remember!

BarCamp DC2

BarCamp DC2 is another OpenSpace event Intridea is happy to be sponsoring. At a BarCamp, attendees self-organize to determine the topics they are interested in hearing. Everyone is required to help lead a session or participate in a panel. BarCamp DC2 will be held on October 18th.

South Carolina Ruby Conference

Also on October 18th, Chris and Adam will be speaking in Columbia, SC about becoming a more blissful developer at the South Carolina Ruby Conference . The talk is titled “Remove the Suck – On How to Become a Blissful Developer.”

Rails Rumble

To make the October 18-19 weekend even busier, Intridea will be sponsoring the 2008 Rails Rumble, as well as entering three teams. The Rails Rumble is a weekend event where teams of up to 4 people design, develop, and deploy a working Rails app within 48 hours.

Social Dev Camp East

SocialDevCampEast is a place for east coast developers and technology business leaders to come together for a thoughtful discussion of the ideas and technologies that will drive the future of the social web. Intridea is looking forward to sponsoring and being part of the discussion. SocialDevCampEast will be held on November 1st.

Update: Michael Bleigh will be giving the talk “Hacking the Mid-End: Advanced Rails UI Techniques” at the Great Lakes Ruby Bash on October 11, 2008. If you didn’t get a chance to make it all the way to Berlin for RailsConf Europe, catch the talk again in a longer format!