RailsConf 2009: Twitter on Rails

And I’m back from RailsConf 2009! I had a great time and enjoyed meeting and speaking with a number of Rubyists who had previously only been @-names on Twitter. I also had a great time giving my talk, Twitter on Rails. Thanks to everyone who had a chance to make the session and especially everyone who made it to the Twitter BoF on Wednesday night. I got some great feedback and interesting ideas for future work.

I recorded my entire session as a screencast (a last-minute idea that I’m very glad to have had; with 30+ minutes of livecode the slides are only so useful), and I have also posted the slides (also embedded below) and the completed livecode. I’m happy to answer any questions about Twitter app development, TwitterAuth, or anything else since I didn’t have a chance to take questions during the session.

Thanks to everyone at RailsConf for making it a great conference, and hopefully I’ll see many of you at another Ruby event soon!