Improving Apple’s App Store in 2010

Ken Yarmosh, our Director of Product Strategy, posted some thoughts on his blog about what Apple can do to improve the App Store in 2010. He focused on app wish lists, sharing, recommendations, tracking bargains and sales, and better app organization:

Now, if the prediction of 300,000 iPhone apps by the end of 2010 is true, the problem of discovery and app management is only going to be exacerbated. That’s going to make users and developers frustrated, with Apple working around the clock to try to please both parties. Thus, I believe the best way for Apple to begin improving the App Store in 2010 is by learning from these different categories of iPhone apps about iPhone apps. While it may seem like I’m selling these developers out to Apple, what I actually would recommend to Apple is to buy the apps, assets, and the developers themselves because these issues are big problems to solve

Near the end of the posts, he also touches on some ways to improve the iPhone itself. It’s an interesting read, so check it out —

How Apple Can Improve the App Store (and iPhone) in 2010