Barg Upender on the iPad in the Washington Post

Last week during the all-iPad-all-the-time event, we took some press calls. Barg got quoted by one of our favorite columnists, Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post in an article entitled, Apple reveals the iPad tablet after months of hype. Is it worth the wait?:

“I think it’s definitely going to kill the Kindle,” said Barg Upender, founder and chief executive of Mobomo. But he did express a little disappointment that the iPad fell short of the most enthusiastic prophecies — for example, control by voice commands. “It’s a step in the right direction but not as revolutionary as we thought it would be,” he said.

In others news, he’ll be a panelist at next week’s DC Lean Startup Circle event. Barg will be discussing his ideas on applying lean startup principles to iPhone development.