ExpenseBooks For FreshBooks – iPhone + Android

Today, Mobomo is happy to announce the launch of ExpenseBooks for FreshBooks on both the iPhone and Android platforms (search “ExpenseBooks” on the Android Market). ExpenseBooks is a simple way to log your FreshBooks expenses while on the go.

ExpenseBooks - SplashAs a long-time FreshBooks user, I pitched this idea to Barg towards the end of 2009. While there have been a couple of FreshBooks iPhone apps, they weren’t really useful to me. A more natural way to use FreshBooks while not in front of a computer is to capture those things that you do while not in front of a computer. Namely, pay for meals while meeting with people, purchase office items, buy gas for the car, etc. Hence ExpenseBooks was born.

We finished the iPhone version first but decided that we wanted to also give Android a little love. So, we held off on doing the launch until the Android app was also already to go.

For more info, you can read the FreshBooks announcement on their blog, visit their iPhone or Android add-on pages, or just go download the apps. We’ve got some great ideas in store for ExpenseBooks but will be listening to the community closely. We’d love to hear from you, so be sure to submit support and feature requests at the Mobomo help desk.

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For Android devices, search “ExpenseBooks” on the Android Market.