Persistence Smoothie: Blending NoSQL and SQL at Confoo

Earlier this month Pradeep and I had the opportunity to fly to Montreal to speak at Confoo, a multi-disciplinary web technology conference that grew out of a PHP conference. One of the days had a Ruby track and I had the opportunity to present a talk entitled Persistence Smoothie: Blending SQL and NoSQL. While the sessions weren’t recorded, I’ve taken up the practice of screencasting my talks to be able to provide some semblance of a recording afterwards:

I had a great time at the conference and got to speak to some others who were using NoSQL systems in the real world. Montreal was a lot of fun (getting to eat foie gras at Pied de Cochon certainly didn’t hurt) and I’m looking forward to giving a refined version of the same talk at RubyNation 2010

Update: I forgot to include a link to the source code for the application demoed during the talk. Here it is on GitHub.