An App to Monitor Your Teen or Employee Driver

scr-app-safe-driver-300wMobile apps have infiltrated themselves into the auto industry and one of the newest, Safe Driver Program for the iPhone by Dangerous Decisions, is going to make most parents of driving teens pretty happy. Amongst other things, this app lets you know the moment your teen goes over a certain speed or acceleration that you’ve set (by utilizing the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer). It also records a number of other bits of driving data, including braking and cornering. This trip report can be password protected.

The app gets installed on the driver’s 3G or 3GS iPhone. Parents can use this to monitor teens, or companies can monitor employees who drive regularly as part of their job. Visual and audio indicators can warn a driver if they’re getting close to some set limit such as speed. If the driver violates some limit, the trip log plots the location on a Google map. Text message and email notifications, if configured, are received in real-time by the person doing the monitoring. The

Cost: free for the basic app and US$24.99 for the pro version. [Via Mobile Weblog]

What’s not clear is how you get someone to run the Safe Driver app, since it’s on their phone, but it sounds like a great concept. (I suppose you could make running the app on every trip mandatory.)

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