Mobomo’s Pocket Biz iPhone App Featured at Disruptathon


Mobomo CEO Barg Upender demonstrated the mobile app developer’s Pocket Biz iPhone software, “a dead simple CRM” tool for SMBs, at a “Disruptathon” (disrupt-a-thon) in Mclean, VA, on Thursday. The Disruptathon serves to showcase disruptive new technology.

The Pocket Biz app gives SMB (Small-to-Medium Business) sales people in the field the mobile tools to manage their sales pipleline while on the go, and includes tasklists with items that can be assigned to contacts, deal lists to track progress, contacts assigned list, and notes. SMB owners can use Pocket Biz to organize their deal flow, and it’s easy to pick up and learn:

  • Buy it under 10 seconds from the iPhone App Store.
  • Buy for under 10 dollars, compared to hundreds or thousands of initial investment for other CRM solutions.
  • Learn it under 10 sec. It’s deceptively simple to use.
  • Add contacts under 10 sec.
  • Add deals under 10 sec.


The Disruptathon was moderated by Dave Wolf of Cynergy Systems, who thinks that mobile Windows 7 is going to be a compelling platform for business. The target market of the companies that presented is mobile business and pro-sumers. Presentations at the Disruptathon gave a peek at what’s coming up for the mobile platform in this target market. Besides Barg Upender of Mobomo (whose presentation deck is shown below), presenters included:

  • Sam Aparicio, founder/ CEO of Ringio.
  • Matt Howard, co-founder/ COO of ZoomSafer.
  • Manoj Ramani, founder/ CEO of DubMeNow.
  • Alan Snyder, CEO of Boxtone.
  • Hassan Wahla, VP of TeleNav.
  • Sze Wong, founder/ CEO of Zerion Software.

The key takeaways from the Disruptathon is that consumer/ game apps tend to dominate the mobile market and the business apps market still needs to grow. The presenters showed that there are interesting business apps in development, and give more proof that the mobile platform will become the dominant new channel for distributing apps.

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