Oil Reporter Now Available for iPad

Last month Intridea released Oil Reporter, a mobile application for iPhone and Android devices. Oil Reporter is currently being used by NGO’s and citizens on the ground to report affected areas of the spill, including the impact to wildlife, the presence of wetlands, and the amount of oil that is present. All of the data collected by Oil Reporter users is publicly available on our website at OilReporter.org.


Now we’ve gone one step further and created a new Oil Reporter application specifically for the iPad. Oil Reporter for iPad enables you to see the latest reports as soon as they come in. You can view a detailed mapping of all of the submitted reports along with an easy-to-read list. You can even drill down and view detailed information about each individual report.


The code has also been open sourced on GitHub, so feel free to help us add some great new features to this application that we can push out in later updates. Oil Reporter for iPad is available right now and is completely free. The crowdsourced data gets analyzed by groups that can point relief efforts at the distressed areas according to the urgent reports that are filed with Oil Reporter. Start using it today!