Mobomo’s Leadership and Values: Entrepreneurial Core Values iPhone App

Leadership and Values iPhone app from Concordia University

The Leadership and Values iPhone app, created by Mobomo for Concordia University, helps you determine what your core values are, discover what makes a leader. Do you have the core values and skills of a leader?

Leadership and Values offers a fun game-style interface as well as visual help screens to help you navigate your way through the app. Choose from the stack of 52 cards listing possible core values and drag each card into one of three columns: “Definite core value”, “Maybe core value”, and “Not core value.” After you’ve grouped all 52 cards into the three columns, you can browse each stack to verify your choices or move them to another stack.

The next step is to select your top 5 core values. Edit your Top 5 stack until your satisfied. The Leadership and Values app then displays a beautiful screen quoting one famous or semi-famous person for each of the five core values that you selected.

This iPhone app is designed to promote core leadership values and enable students, teachers, and alumni to interactively discover their top leadership values. Using a fun step-by-step process, the user is educated on Concordia’s core leadership values, and is ultimately presented with a personalized result. This project demonstrates how Mobomo can create engaging mobile applications to educate individuals. Similar interfaces can be developed, for example, for FTC consumers to learn “how to” file a complaint or order a truly free credit report.

Get the Leadership and Values iPhone app free from iTunes or the Apple App Store now.

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