Mobomo’s QuickQ Music Player iPhone App

QuickQ audio player iPhone app from Mobomo

QuickQ, created by Mobomo for JARS Management, LLC. QuickQ gives you an alternative music player to manage the iPod on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Access your music without leaving the QuickQ. Build your own lists, see your playlist duration, and and re-order tracks visually on the fly by dragging a song to the top of the list.

QuickQ’s unique selling proposition? Temporary music lists for those times you’re waiting in airports, in line somewhere, impromptu parties or a quick playlist to help you get to sleep. QuickQ achieves this by letting music items disappear from your playlist as they finish playing.

Get QuickQ now from iTunes for only $0.99, and use the attractive help screen, with overlaid notations, to get up to speed with on your temporary playlists.

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