The Rails Rumble 2010: Are You Registered?

The Rails Rumble event is entering its fourth year, and here at Intridea, we’re very excited. Registration has just opened, and we’re looking forward to some friendly competition!

The Rails Rumble is a 48-hour competition where teams of one to four developers design, develop, and deploy a web application in (you guessed it!) a 48-hour time period. After that, the submissions are examined and then weeded down by a panel of experts, and the top submissions go to public voting. Then, prizes!

The Rumble is a great way to kickstart your experience with Ruby on Rails (or any Rack-based framework), but it’s also a great way to get noticed. Several Rails Rumble projects were eventually sold, or picked up investors, so don’t rule it out!

Last year, Intridea was a heavyweight sponsor, and team members created some really cool projects, including SmackSale, CelebrityPassage, and Thingivore (read Michael Bleigh’s post on his experience last year, as well as some tips for making the most out of the 48 hours).

Among Michael’s tips were: leverage gems and plugins, have a general plan, avoid implementing changes at the last minute, and definitely socialize with other Rumblers!

This year, Intridea is also stepping up as a heavyweight sponsor, in addition to contributing the logo for this year, thanks to our awesome designer, David Potsiadlo.

Intridea has already signed up several teams – and you should too! Head on over to to get registered, and we’ll see you in October!