Android Wallpaper Template for Photoshop

Looking for a robust Photoshop template to create & preview Android wallpapers? The search is over! Intridea is happy to provide a pixel-perfect PSD GUI that allows you to preview Android wallpaper images exactly as they’ll appear on your device. This wallpaper template is based on the HTC Vision (a.k.a. G2) running stock Android 2.2 (Froyo). The template is setup to preview wallpapers of 960×800 in size.

Here is what makes this Android Wallpaper Template awesome.

Preview wallpaper on different homescreen positions

A central feature of this template is the ability to preview your Android wallpaper as it shifts from left-to-right to imitate your different home screens. Using only a single wallpaper layer, you can turn on/off individual phone layers overlaid in different positions across your wallpaper.

Toggle the appearance of your app icons

Rows of actual Android icons can be toggled on/off in your Photoshop layers panel, helping you visualize exactly how your wallpaper image will look behind your collection of awesome apps.

Complete & Editable G2 PSD GUI

Furthermore, this Android GUI is offered in hand-crafted, pixel-perfect Photoshop format, complete with all layer groups intact and editable. Feel free to use this template as a jumping off point in your future Android user-interface design projects.

Thanks are due to ~wwalczyszyn for his PSD collection of Android icons, ~bharathp666 for his PSD collection of Android widgets, and =zandog for the educational reference his G2 PSD GUI provided. All phone hardware layers in the PSD were created entirely by me, but may be reused freely.