Announcing SparkBin – Private Beta

Today we’re announcing SparkBin, a new Intridea product entering private beta for Google Apps customers that offers you a better way to gather ideas from within your company.

Your employees have great ideas. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to overlook that spark of genius when it’s trapped in an e-mail or a conversation. SparkBin is a tool for aggregating all those ideas, ensuring they don’t get lost in the shuffle. It’s also a way for your team to receive immediate feedback on their ideas.

SparkBin is entering private beta today. We’ll be letting companies in over the coming weeks until we’re ready for the public launch. Register for access and keep track of all of those ideas that have been kicked around in the company communication channels.

Gather Ideas Quickly and Effectively

Submitting ideas is seamless. It only takes a few seconds to submit an idea to SparkBin, and that frictionless experience will drive your employees to submit more ideas more frequently.

Works with Google Apps

SparkBin is integrated directly into Google Apps, so your employees don’t have to set up new accounts or worry about remembering yet another password. They can simply log in and see the ideas from everyone else in your Google Apps domain.

Increase Engagement

SparkBin offers a leaderboard that displays the top ideas submitters for the week, month, and all time. Ideas are only counted when someone other than the submitter likes it, so this encourages broad engagement and friendly competition inside the company to become a “King of Ideas”.

Easy Organization

Ideas in the SparkBin are organized by tags, so you can organize them any way you like. Want to group ideas by product, business unit, or department? No problem!

We’ve been using SparkBin internally to gather ideas and have found it to really helps to get people talking. We’re excited to begin sharing this with others, and look forward to feedback from a much wider audience!