More Mobile Updates for Presently: Android Application Refreshed

Here at Presently we understand that the key to staying connected is mobility so we’ve been working hard to improve our applications for all of our mobile platforms! In last week’s announcement on the new Presently Desktop app, we promised you an update for Presently Android, and we’re here to make good on that promise! Starting today you can uninstall the old version and visit the Android App Marketplace to download the new version of Presently.


We’ve made several critical improvements from the previous version, including:

    • Snappier performance and responsiveness
    • Ability to view text attachments
    • Refined user help messages and interface
    • Shorter loading and posting times
    • System Alerts for new updates
    • Improved speed in fetching downloads and attachments


    • Improved user settings


    • Ability to view attached images


Work Continues

We hope that the new Presently Android app helps you stay connected to your network no matter where you are, and we’re confident you’ll be happy with the update! Our developers have been busy this year and we’re not slowing down. An update to our Blackberry application is on the way, and our iPhone app was updated last week, so be sure to tell your coworkers to grab whichever application suits them! As always, if you have any feedback about the app, or need any help please don’t hesitate to shoot an email to or visit and search our knowledgebase for more answers.

What is Presently?

Presently is the perfect microblogging solution for businesses. Communicate and collaborate in real-time, in a secure Twitter-like environment built for the enterprise. If you’re not using Presently yet, let me give you a few reasons to check it out:

  • Empower your employees – increase productivity and creativity through collaboration via Presently.
  • Enable your employees to easily share files and media.
  • Easy solution for groups or departments to collaborate on projects.
  • Track ongoing conversations with threaded view and inline reply options.
  • Past information is available in an instant through Presently’s search tool.
  • Our Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications give you the flexibility you need to access Presently anytime, anywhere.

So try it out today and see what the power of real-time collaboration and communication can do for your company. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!