Introducing – A Simple Tool for Rubyists

Today I’m introducing, a web app I built to deliver timely notifications about your favorite gem updates. It’s a SparkTime project at Intridea and it’s something I’ve been working on for the last month.

Why Build GemNotifier?

Simple, really; because there is a demand for it. Both for myself, and for other devs:

What Does it Do?

It’s a very simple and useful concept. Rubyists can subscribe to their favorite gems and they will get email notifications when those gems are updated.

Get Started

Start using GemNotifier today. The setup process is straightforward:

  • Sign in with Github Oauth
  • Search for your favorite gems and click subscribe. You’ll be notified when things change!


You’ll be hearing a lot more about SparkTime on our blog in the coming months, so I’ll give you the rundown now! SparkTime is a new initiative at Intridea designed to get us working passionately on side projects that we might not get the chance to do otherwise. Although many of us already make time to contribute to open source, work on side projects, or improve existing code bases, we realized that our talent could be better utilized if we got organized. From this, SparkTime was born. Every Intridean signs up for a project they feel passionate about, using SparkBin to keep track of our ideas. We use Presently to talk about our projects and as a means of collaboration among SparkTime teammates. There are a lot of interesting projects going on and we look forward to sharing more of them with you soon! Follow us on Twitter to get updates about our progress.

We’re Doing Fun Stuff

We work hard at Intridea – but we love what we do and we have a lot of fun doing it. If you’re interested in being a part of our great team check out our openings; we’re a growing company of diverse, talented and energetic engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. We offer compelling benefits and a unique culture that values the individual contributions that make Intridea such a great place to work.